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We have just organized our first fly fishing for Tarpon trip and we would like to have you join us. We know that this will be a fun filled adventure that anyone will enjoy. We are heading south of the border to fish the upper Yucatan in an area that the Mexican government has designated a marine preserve. This area is totally off limits to all commercial fishers. We will be fishing for adolescent Tarpon. These are the  little guys that are only 5 - 15 pounds.
Why are we targeting the little guys? Well, there are roving schools of tarpon in the 5lb – 15lb class that can number just a few or as many as several hundred. The guides are excellent at scanning for rolling fish and will expertly pole the boat to intercept a school on the move and get you in position for a cast. At times they will anchor the boat and wait as a football field sized school of fish will cruise to within casting range. You will then launch your fly in the general direction and retrieve with a brisk strip that will keep the fly off the bottom. After that, it’s just a game of watching your fly disappear into a big, black bucket of a mouth and holding on! The resulting aerial display is breathtaking, as they tail-walk, leap, and launch themselves into the air with reckless abandon.

Tarpon Cay Lodge utilizes spacious 18 foot pangas with an extensive level casting deck. All fly fishing is conducted out of these stealthy, stable, and comfortable fishing platforms. The nearest boundary of the fishery is very close to the lodge and, therefore, only requires a 15 - 25 minute boat ride to arrive at most of your Yucatan fly fishing areas.
The wonderful part of fly fishing at Tarpon Cay Lodge is that most of the fishing is done with floating lines. The Tarpon hold or cruise in areas as shallow as one foot deep! This shallow water pursuit demands lightweight (slow sinking) Tarpon flies or top-water offerings such as floating Puglisis, sliders, or crease flies. When conditions are prime, this shallow water fly fishing makes for an exciting visual display - Tarpon waking behind your fly and a top-water "blow-up" finale ... it does not get any better than this!

Accommodations at Tarpon Cay are airy and bright with rooms featuring ocean views, ceiling fans, air conditioning and private baths. Delicious, hearty meals are served in the main lodge. A spacious lounge provides dining areas, comfortable seating for relaxing, and a nice workspace for fly tying or working on tackle at the day's end. As you venture upstairs, you will find spacious guest rooms equipped with air-conditioning, fans, and a full private bath with shower. Rooms are bright with a nice ocean view. There is a housekeeping service that cleans the room and replaces linens, towels, bottled drinking water, cups, and bar soap each day. A unique feature of the lodge is a nice rooftop balcony. It provides a splendid 360 degree view of the charming area surrounding the lodge - perfect for after-dinner relaxation.

The meals are another highlight of your stay at Tarpon Cay Lodge. Hearty portions with a local flavor are an absolute culinary delight for the big appetite. Breakfast is ordered the night prior from a full menu (American and Mexican dishes). Your breakfast will be promptly served in the morning to assure you an on-time start of your daily fishing adventure. Lunches consist of made-to-order sandwiches, snacks, and assorted beverages.

Upon your return from an exciting day of tarpon-mania, dinner is served. Entrees include a lot of fresh fish with some chicken, pork, shrimp, or sometimes lobster in-season. The meals at Tarpon Cay Lodge are truly unique and delicious. Additionally, the lodge can accommodate most dietary restrictions. Let the staff know and they will prepare an appetizing alternative that is often looked over with envy by your fellow dinner guests.

The plan:
We will fly into Cancun on September 2 (plan on arriving no later than 4:00PM), where we will be escorted to the Tarpon Cay Lodge. We will then fish Sept. 3 - 5. The scheduled departure should be planned for Sept. 6 after 1:00PM.

The price of this fly fishing adventure includes accommodations and meals at the lodge, guided fishing, non alcoholic beverages, guest taxes, fishing licenses, internet access and ground transportation to and from the Cancun airport.
This is the trip that my business associate from Montana made last year and he is already looking forward to returning to do it once again.
All of this for only $2329.00

Don't wait as there is a 6 person limit on this trip. Call and book your FLY FISHING FOR TARPON TRIP now.

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