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You are invited to join Glenn McConnell from McConnell's Country Store & Fly Shop for our FIFTH ANNUAL Montana fly fishing adventure.
We have had so much fun the past four years with Ed Lawrence & his staff of experienced river guides that we are going to continue this annual tradition. As a matter of fact we have TWO TRIPS planned for this year.

August 8 through August 13  and  August 15 through August 20
Five nights lodging and four days of guided fishing for only $1575.00
This package allows you to fully experience Montana “Blue Ribbon” fly fishing at its best on the Madison, Yellowstone and Missouri rivers in the company of the same experienced river guides who have showed us the way in past years.

You know, Big Sky Country is a special place. The sky is so big it seems you can see into the future. Big Sky Country is ‘Just Right’ for fly fishers, too, whether you’re the experienced veteran, a newbie, or somewhere in the middle.
Plus this option... The group normally arrives one day early so that we can spend a day fishing on our own or just spending some down time to explore the area. This will incur an additional cost for a room and meals for one day.

Got Fish?
Yep. That’s why our rivers are so popular. The Madison, Yellowstone, and Missouri boast 2,500 – 6,000 wild (not hatchery raised) Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat trout in every mile of water between their riffle filled banks…
Here’s your chance to chase the thousands of fish living in the Missouri, Yellowstone and Madison rivers during your four days spent in the Paradise and Madison valleys. You'll float in a 16–foot drift boat where your experienced guide will maneuver you to the most productive spots on the river, with stops along the way in likely looking holes and riffles.

We will spend two days of fishing near Bozeman on the Madison and Yellowstone, with an additional two days on the Missouri. Why the Missouri? Well, there are 5,000 – 6,000 trout per mile near Craig, and half of them are longer than 15 inches.

As an added bonus, you can pursue Alaska sized Rainbows on the Missouri River on a one day addition to your trip. You’ll fish the upper section of Holter Lake, below Holter dam. It’s hard to reach so our Coast Guard licensed guides transport you in a flats boat equipped for two fly casters. All that for only an extra $100.00 per day, and it’s worth every penny.

Got Fun?
You bet. on our multi-day, multi-river  trip, once you plant your feet in one of our drift boats you will be treated to a top shelf fishing experience. We’ll also provide transportation to the river, a tasty lunch, instruction (if needed), and plenty of chit–chat. You won’t find many ways to spend your time that match the enjoyment of floating a river while fishing with guides who are tuned into, and responsive to, your needs and expectations.

Why McConnell's Country Store & Fly Shop Hosted Trip?
We're knowledgeable: the outfitter and guides we use are on the river every day so they have a fair idea of where the fish are, and what they're eating. We're experienced: we've been at this a while; even have a little grey in our beards. We're patient: if you're struggling, we'll help you work the kinks out of your cast. We're enthusiastic: this isn't a job. Making your day a success is the thing that keeps us going.

What’s a typical day?
Lodging is in the Holiday Inn Express in Bozeman and Helena. Your transportation to and from Helena will be a shared expense for the vehicle rental with the host as the designated driver. You will be shuttled to the river and back to your digs.We'll meet you after breakfast and expect to be fishing shortly thereafter…Lunch is served on a stream bank…We typically have you back in town in time for cocktails ( +/- 6 p.m.), unless you need to return sooner.

How do we do this?
We float the rivers in 16-foot drift boats and will travel 8–10 miles per day…we stop to wade those pools and runs that look promising.

Who will I fish with?
Your guide will be an experienced fly fishing guide who can instruct you in the fundamentals of casting and presenting flies, selecting flies, and, generally, makes life simple for you.

What equipment will I need?
Five weight fly rods with matching reels and line are our go–to equipment, but other sizes will do the job. You can bring your own flies, or we'll assist you in selecting those that work best in Montana this time of the year.

What about clothing & stuff?
Lightweight pants and long sleeved shirts are the basics during hotter days, along with sandals or sport shoes…Waders aren’t usually required during mid – summer, but you can bring 'em or we'll arrange rentals. You’ll want to bring a camera, sunscreen, hat, windbreaker, sunglasses/eye protection, and a cheery disposition.

Space is limited, We have room for four more guests on the August 8 trip. and six on the August 5 trip, so book your Montana fly fishing adventure now!

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